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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?
Click on "Quote My Project" and answer the questions asked of you. Our calculators are accurate based off the information you provided. A quote will be sent to your email for your review immediately after you finish the questionnaire.  If the square footage of your Asphalt Job is seems incorrect, you will be contacted by Asphalt Servz for clarification and our with a estimate based off satellite images.
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How am I charged for the work?
Once you agree to the quote, another email from our friends at Stripe will come to you. They will take your Credit Card information for a one time payment. We do not store your Credit Card information in anyway. You will not be charged until the work has been completed by our contractor partners and verified by the Asphalt Servz Team. 
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How do I know the contractor is a professional?
Asphalt Servz requires all of our contracting partners to have a business license and insurance. The partners are personally vetted by our team who have experience in Asphalt Maintenance. They ensure the work they do is up to standard and their conduct will be professional. If you ever have an issue with a partner, you can email us at
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What do I need to do to be ready for my asphalt maintenance?
Make sure your vehicles are out of the driveway. You may need to schedule parking with the city or your neighbors. You'll have to stay off the driveway for 24 hours. If you have an irrigiation system (sprinklers), you'll have to turn it off.  
What to expect after sealcoating?
Stay off your drive for 24 hours to allow it time to cure. Salt and minerals may rise to the surface after sealcoating and will appear as white stains. This is normal and will fade with rain.  Tire marks on fresh seal coat can appear and these are normal. They will go away with time. 
Will sealer be slick when wet?
No, sand is added into sealer for durability and traction. 
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How often do I need asphalt maintenance?
Standard practice is to have your asphalt maintained every 2-3 years to ensure longetivy. 
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